Why you really should become an AVON rep

Why You Really Should Become an Avon Rep

Loved products, the freedom of working for yourself with no boss and no set time obligations, the community and support of like minded people and the ability to work in a field you already know and love…

It’s relatively unlikely that you’ve never heard of Avon, but have you ever actually considered it?

Being an AVON representative is being an AVON sales person. So often sales work comes with a negative connotation, but why is that? Sure, there are plenty of poorly managed efforts to spread poor products on poor, unwilling customers – but what makes AVON stand out is great products, complete freedom and brand recognition you simply can’t beat anywhere else.

Famous Products
When you join AVON, you are able to sell products that customers love and want. From AVON’s own skincare ranges – Skin So Soft, Botanics, ANEW, Care and the new A-F33 to AVON’s gorgeous (and very reasonably priced) fragrances such as Far Away, Incandescense, Rare Rubies – not to mention the wide range of men’s fragrances – through to the branded offerings of FCUK, Hello Kitty, LEGO, Lipsy and Antler to name just a few – throughout the brochures, AVON has high quality products at affordable price points that mean customers WANT to order from you.

Work Freedom
Anyone entrenched in the cubicle life can tell you that working from an office for a demanding boss is tiring. Avon representatives have no boss and no one to tell them when and how to work – they go where and when they can work best. You set the timetable, you choose when to work and you choose how much to work. You also set your own goals and targets, and have the complete freedom to make AVON work for you and your life.

In most work environments, employees are bound by their mutual dislike for the work they’re forced to do or by unhealthy competition. But with Avon, those who sell – like you – share the same interests and value your success because the better you do, the better they do. Sharing tips, hints and advice can and does frequently turn into long lasting friendship, but at the very least the sense of indentity being an AVON rep gives you is immense, and means you are part of an exclusive group of people trying to make a positive difference to their lives.

Work with What You Know
If you love makeup and body treatment products, imagine getting to spend your time talking about them and sampling them with others who love them as much as you do – that’s AVON. Imagine being able to order products 6 weeks before the public even knows they exist – and imagine being able to get all of your own make-up and toiletries at big discounts – that’s AVON.

Become an Avon rep today and start working how and when you want.

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