Why Join AVON?

There are lots of reasons people decide to work with AVON and start their own business. The most common reasons people join AVON are:

  • Time for youYour time! You call the shots, you choose your own hours, how much time and when you work on your AVON business.
  • Flexibility! Want to spend less time on your AVON business this month? No problem! Have more time available and want to do more? No problem! AVON no longer working for you? No problem, stop whenever you like! Want to take things to the next level? No problem!
  • Meet new people! Whether you have moved to a new area or just want to get to know more of the people you live near, AVON is a great way to get talking to people. Customers love their AVON representatives, and make time to talk to you. As an AVON representative you become a key part of your local community, whether you live in a village, town or city.
  • love_sell_banner_2013.jpgYou already love AVON products! Get your own products much cheaper (up to 85% cheaper than brochure prices), as well as have the opportunity to win or earn free products for yourself.
  • Perks! There are lots of additional perks to being an AVON representative, from seeing products a full 6 weeks before customers to getting 15% discount at Dorothy Perkins, from earning Gala Dinner invitations at awards evenings to free products.
  • No Risk! Unlike many home working opportunities, with AVON there is zero risk. There is no up front fee, no registration cost or products to buy up front. You only order products customers have ordered, and everything has a no-quibble 90 day guarantee so if a customer no longer wants the items, send them straight back (for free) and that amount comes off your bill. You only pay for items your customers have paid for already.
  • No minimum contract! If AVON is no longer working for you, or life gets too hectic, you can stop whenever you like. If you don’t place an order, you don’t get an invoice.
  • AVON trainingMoney! Yes, it is way down here on the list of reasons why people join AVON. When we asked representatives the best bits about AVON, money was not one of the priorities, BUT you can earn good money with AVON – 20-25% of your sales as an immediate cash payment on delivery of items to your customers. The average representative earns £30-£100 every 3 weeks, for an average time of 1-2 hours per week.
  • Support, training and opportunity! Every single one of our team members benefits from our full free training, on call support and the chance to take your AVON business further and enter into a career with unlimited potential.

Whatever you are looking to achieve, from a bit of extra cash to help pay the bills or for life’s little treats to a full scale business, we can help you reach your goals. Use the form on the right to register your details and we can contact you and help you join AVON.

2 thoughts on “Why Join AVON?

    1. Yes, you can do both – so long as you are only acting as a retailer for both. If you are recruiting a team for either, then at that point you would need to choose which one you wanted to work with, as it would be a conflict of interest to recruit a team for one business whilst selling competing products for another. However, my personal opinion is that if you wish to do well with any direct sales business, it needs your full focus. Your first few orders will be quite hard work, as you are trying to find new customers and establish yourself as the “goto” person for that particular brand. Trying to do that for two brands at the same time can confuse customers, and make your job even harder. My motto is “choose one, choose wisely, smash it”! If you want to have a natter about whether AVON should be your choice, please feel free to drop me a line.

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