WANTED: Flexible part time jobs

Mums are finding it incredibly hard to find part time work that is flexible enough to not impact their family lives.
Mums are finding it incredibly hard to find part time work that is flexible enough to not impact their family lives.


Large numbers of working mums are still saying it is difficult to find a new flexible job at their level of experience, according to a Workingmums.co.uk poll.

Of the women who answered, only 3% said they didn’t want a flexible job, with 8% saying it’s not hard to find flexible part time work, and the remaining 89% saying it was very hard.

Companies say they offer flexibility, but it seems only possible to get a flexible working arrangement when returning to your old work.

Despite recent progress in flexible working, with changes to the law, extending the right to request flexible working to all employees; and ignoring the fact that there is a big demand for flexible working, many employers are still reluctant to advertise new flexible roles, especially in the current economic climate where employers can rely on more applicants than they have vacancies for. Candidates only option is to negotiate flexible working during the interview stages, but many are reluctant to do this knowing that the request for flexible part time work could be the difference between them betting the job or not getting it. This is a subject that many have looked into in further detail, most recently in a paper from Timewise and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, as a factor in preventing women moving up from lower waged jobs.
Flexible Part Time Work

It’s really frustrating looking for part-time flexible work.
A lack of flexible part time roles is the biggest barrier to women returning to work, over and above childcare costs. This is where we can help. AVON prides itself on being the Company for Women. Yes, the products we sell are mostly bought by women, but we also want to empower women to provide for their families without missing out on time with their families. So when we say we offer flexible working, WE MEAN IT. You choose how often you work, how long you work for, and when you work. This means that working around your kids social clubs, school trips, illnesses or parties is not a problem. It means you aren’t having to beg a boss to leave work on time so you can get to the school for collection time. And it means you are in control of your own future.

Different people work AVON in differing ways – so much so that one of our new slogans is “Work it Your Way”. Some representatives choose to sell online (and with our brand new AVON Store letting you accept orders from anywhere in the UK, why wouldn’t you?); some reps want to do the “traditional” AVON role and deliver house to house in the area where they live; some of our team want to do AVON parties; some want to simply show the books to their friends and family, or around their work; some want to show other people how to work with AVON – you can do any, all or some of these. You can decide what you want YOUR avon business to look like, and our job is to give you the tools to make your business a success.

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