Top 10 Tips for running Successful AVON Events

Top 10 tips to running successful recruitment events


We know that events are a great way for you to get people together to talk about Avon, the opportunity and demonstrate some of our fantastic products.

We’ve been taking a look at how we can help support you in planning these successful recruitment events.

Whether you have 15 minutes or two hours, whether you’re out and about or in a venue, there’s always a time and a place to get together to run a fun and energetic event. To help you plan one, take a look at our ‘Top ten tips’ below.

Top ten tips to make your event successful and fun!

  • Think about what you would like achieve from your event and set yourself a target
  • If there’s a group of you, split into teams and give each team a target to create some friendly competition
  • Have a bit of fun by theming your event. You could base the theme on the latest Avon product or launch
  • Organise some games to keep the energy going
  • Use your demonstration products to get talking with potential leads
  • Why not set someone in the team, a 10 minute fun challenge
  • Post your selfies, tag, congratulate and share the fun
  • Stay motivate and recap on any progress
  • Create a loyalty programme for attendees
  • Get commitment from your team for the next event before they go

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