Start Your Avon Business With Team Sashy

NOW is a fab time to join AVON.avon business

Earnings every 3 weeks.

I am looking for people who can show our brochures to Family and Friends, or Work Colleagues, or you can cover allocated territory where you live.

Choose Your Own Hours
Earn up to 25% Commission on your personal sales
Full Training and Support provided
Free delivery of products
Free brochures for 1st 2 campaigns
Must be 18+

You can even host your own avon parties to earn even more income

Free Gift if you join in July!

Please contact me for more info, its time to join Team Sashy 🙂

6 thoughts on “Start Your Avon Business With Team Sashy

  1. Hi Im really intrested in becoming an avon lady but I really dont want to have to go to houses n stuff, I just want to show my family and people at work. Is this OK, or do I have to have a couple of streets please

    1. Hi Laura, there are two types of representative – territory reps and network reps. A territory representative has an exclusive area that is only theirs as well as their own friends and family. A network representative has no exclusive territory but show the brochure to their friends, family, work colleagues and social contacts. Sounds like being a network rep for AVON would be perfect for you 🙂 I have sent you an email, look forward to you joining Team Sashy!

    1. Hi Glenn – yes!! Our team is over a third men, and men have been AVON representatives for years – in fact the company was started by a man 🙂 Some of the most successful AVON reps in the UK are men, and we will do all we can to show you how being male is no obstacle to joining both AVON and Team Sashy. I have dropped you an email 😉

  2. is this really a proper business opportunity, or is it another pyramid scheme that needs new fodder to keep going? I dont mean to sound aggressive with that question, just have been dragged through so many multi level marketing “schemes” in the past and if i am going to put my time and effort in to avon, i want to make sure there is a genuine business here….

    1. Hi Pippa, no offence at the question at all, I completely understand. There is a very common misconception that AVON is a “pyramid” scheme, and that you need to recruit 2 people, who then recruit 2 people, who then recruit 2 people and so on. This is definitely NOT the case. AVON is a business opportunity on a number of levels – firstly as an AVON representative where you can earn up to 25% of your sales. For the majority of AVON reps, this is what they do and what they are happy to do, and that’s fine. There is then a second opportunity, as an AVON sales leader. With this you can be as ambitious or calm as you like. You need to have a team of at least 5 reps, and you are responsible for looking after them and making sure they have everything they need to succeed (as YOUR sales leader we would provide all the support and help YOU need to do this 😉 ). Once you have your 5 reps, you can then decide how far you want to go. If one of your reps decides they want to go into sales leadership themselves, then you can help them develop their own team and you have the potential to earn a small commission from their team as well. The commission structure cuts off at the third generation, so is not a “limitless” pyramid scheme, but does ensure that it is your interest to help your team to develop and grow organically.

      I hope that helps describe the AVON opportunity a little better for you, but I have also sent you an email which is a bit more detailed – feel free to reply here or to the email if you need any more help, and I really hope to see you in Team Sashy in the near future 😀

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