Recognition, campaign 6 2017

Recognition for our Team, Campaign 6 2017

Campaign 6 (March 2017) has seen some very active representatives, and you should all be very proud of your achievements – we certainly are! There are a number of different categories for our achievers – if you are not listed as a winner this time round, don’t worry as there is lots we can do to help boost your sales and ensure you continue to build your business. All you have to do is ask!

New Starters

So we will start with a big welcome to our new starters in Campaign 6 – you have all got your new AVON businesses off to a great start, and we are very pleased to be working with you!

Second Orders

Next we have our representatives placing their second orders with us, and we have some very good achievements in here too!

Third Orders

Now on to our team members placing their third orders – you are showing that you are committed to your AVON business and we can see that there is some very nice growth to your sales too – keep serving your customers with a smile and being reliable, you will continue to build!

Fourth Orders

We are very pleased to recognise people completing their fourth orders with us, congratulations on some amazing results

Highest Sales Across Whole Team, Campaign 6

Next we move to our whole team, and look at who had the highest sales in Campaign 6. There is some fierce competition in here, with a lot of you vieing for top spots, and we are really pleased to see so many of you focussed on your AVON business and building some amazing orders.

Highest Sales Across Whole Team, Year to Date

Next we move to our whole team, and look at who has reached the highest sales for the whole year to date. To be in this list takes consistency, reliable customer service and a LOT of sales! Again there is some very strong competition, and there are also ten other people just outside these achievers who are hot on your heels – we expect to see quite a bit of jostling for position over the next few campaigns.

Presidents Club Achievers

Presidents Club is the special award for representatives who have reached the heady heights of the top 7% of AVON representatives across the whole country. To reach Presidents Club, you need to have sold £6,500 of AVON products in an AVON year (18 campaigns), and this is Bronze Level. Once you have sold £8,000 in an AVON year, you have reached Bronze Plus. And after this, once you have reached a total of £11,000 in sales within a year you have reached Silver level. Massive congratulations, you should all be very proud of your achievement and we look forward to congratulating lots more of our team joining you at Bronze level, and to seeing those already within PC for 2017 attain even higher levels as the year progresses.

Sales Leader Achievers

The next step in your AVON journey is to show others how to do what you do, and to help them succeed with AVON. This involves finding, training and mentoring new AVON representatives, and is a different skill set to the ones you use as representatives. We have a track record of developing very strong and capable team leaders in our team and for this reason it is only fair that we recognise the achievements of team leaders here as well. If you are interested in starting your own AVON team, talk to us – its a lot of fun and can be exceptionally rewarding (financially as well as personally)!


And to wrap things up, a big congratulations to those in our team who are celebrating being with AVON for a number of years – thank you for all your hard work and for continuing to serve your customers so fantastically!

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