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When you join AVON with Team Sashy, we provide exclusive training all designed to help you succeed
When you join AVON with Team Sashy, we provide exclusive training all designed to help you succeed

One of the techniques used across the AVON world which has proven to be incredibly successful over the years is called One Stop Selling. This is one of those techniques that can sound incredibly complicated, which is why we devised the image above to break it down into nice, easy to manage steps.

Step 1 – Pick up your books as you normally would. This is easy, because it is doing what you already do!

Step 2 – This is a break from what you normally do! Now deliver your next set of books – as soon as possible after you collected your books, get your next set of books out. **IMPORTANT – ONLY deliver books on this method to people who have ever ordered from you. Homes where you have never had an order, continue to canvas as normal**. On these books, make a note to the customer that you will collect the books on the delivery day from their last brochure. So, if you have collected book 9, let them know you will collect book 10 when you deliver their order from book 9.

Step 3 – This is where the magic is 🙂 Deliver your order, collect the next book and drop off the book after – you have just done all three steps of being a representative in one visit. From now onwards, you only need to repeat step 3.

Three simple steps to one stop selling
Three simple steps to one stop selling
Advantages of One Stop Selling
      • Customers have the brochures for longer, so generally spend more
      • Your customers ALWAYS have an AVON brochure. Whenever you collect one book, you drop off the next one
      • Your customers are much more likely to share your brochure with their friends
      • You do less work! This means you get to spend more time with each customer, which increases loyalty. It also means more time for you to relax!
      • Your customers are always one step ahead. Their friends will be jealous that they get to see AVON brochures before anybody else
Pitfalls of One Stop Selling
Little things can sometimes get in your way, so to start One Stop Selling, make sure you have planned to succeed.
  • Brochures – make sure you always have enough books, and that you order in advance to ensure you keep up with customer demand
  • Be consistent – ALWAYS stick to the same day and time for your deliveries. Customers LOVE routine, and they will love knowing exactly when you will be delivering their lovely products
  • Be reliable – never let your customers down. Keep in touch with them by text, phone, email or Facebook to let them know great offers, when their delivery dates and times are and if there are any issues with their deliveries
  • Keep it simple – stick to the three steps above, don’t overload your customers, just do one step at a time and it will seamlessly come together
  • Don’t rest on your laurels! One stop selling works great for customers, but don’t stop looking for new customers. Re-canvass your area regularly, and always be on the lookout for ways to expand your customer base

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