Kenzo Takada Fashion Designer Fragrance Coming to AVON This Autumn!


Kenzo Takada is a Japanese fashion designer. He is the founder of KENZO a worldwide brand of perfumes, skincare products and clothes. He is currently the acting honorary president of the Asian couture federation. Kenzo Takada is a favourite among the A list celebrities. Once again we are lucky enough to be working with such an esteemed designer.

We are very excited and proud to say the Kenzo Takada is producing a stunning new fragrance designed exclusively for AVON! This fragrance will be launched in our autumn fragrance there will be both a his and hers scent. The fragrance will be beautiful, positive and uplifting.


My experience with the Avon team has been incredible. Thanks to their passion, positivity and energy, we have created a timeless and distinctive fragrance line that conveys the splendor of the natural world and conveys beauty and positivity. I’m thrilled with the end result.Kenzo Takada

I have also hear via a little birdy that going forward Avon may even be working with Kenzo Takada on a clothing range, so keep your eyes peeled!

AVON is keeping on trend with great fashion designers we are also working with Tabbitha Webb and with Kenzo Takada’s range coming in the autumn what will be next?

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