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Join AVON with LeaGav joined Avon in early 2013 and delivering brochures to her local neighbourhood in Ipswich. He also runs a window cleaning business and was looking for a little something extra to cover the bills each month. So Gav decided to join AVON and see what would happen. His sister in law and friend were already representatives so he had a very good idea of what was involved.

His first campaign, Gav earnt over £70, which was a lot more than he had been expecting! Obviously he was excited about this and mentioned it to some of his family members, then a few days later contacted Sacha to say quite a few of his family also wanted to join AVON. Sacha recommended looking at sales leadership, as this was not only could his family members start their own AVON businesses, but Gav could also earn some extra money from his team as well.

So his family members decided to help Gav as well as starting to sell AVON themselves, and Gav learnt how to help develop his new team members and help him to get the best out of his time and make the most money. Before long Gav wanted to find more people to join AVON and help grow his team. He now has team members all over East Anglia, from Ipswich to Saxmundham, from Chelmsford to Harlow to Clacton!

Why Join AVON with Gav?

Gav is exceptionally well organised and loves nothing more than to keep in regular contact with his reps and see their earnings grow. We can promise you that Gav will always be supportive and provide amazing advice to help you get your best possible start to your AVON business. If you are thinking you might want to join AVON, fill in the form to your right and we will pass your details straight to Gav to get you started quickly and easily.

Gav spends roughly 4-5 hours a campaign (3 weeks) on his own round as a representative, and will show you how to manage your time so that customers come to rely on you but so that you can also concentrate on the fun things in life with the extra money you will be earning.

Why would Gav recommend you join AVON?

I love it. Whether its getting my own things cheaper or sorting the deliveries out and seeing all the new products that are available, or the feel of collecting money and knowing I have worked hard but am getting paid well. All of these things are brilliant, and when you join AVON it does wonders for your confidence as well. People in your area know who you are all of a sudden and are always happy to see you. I get stopped in the shop asking when the next book is coming or if I can drop an order round on so-and-so day, it’s really helped me get to know a lot more people.

As a busy dad of 4, alongside running a family business, AVON is the perfect fit for Gav and he will help you to balance work, life and money when you join AVON in his team.

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