New Incentive for Team Members, January 2014

Start 2014 with a BANG!

Who do you know that would like to earn some extra cash? Friends, family members and people you work with will all be short on money after the Christmas period, and you already know that working with AVON is a great way to earn some extra, in the time and way that YOU choose. There is an incredible offer from AVON at the moment, where you can earn a fantastic product pack worth over £70 for every person you recommend to join up until the end of January. But at Team Sashy, we have made this an EVEN better offer!
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  • Recommend ONE person and get £70 worth of free products, plus £5 cash
  • Recommend TWO people and get £140 worth of free products, plus £10 cash
  • Recommend THREE people and get £210 worth of free products, plus £20 cash
  • Recommend SIX or more people and you are in line to earn at LEAST £180

The Rules

Like anything in life, unfortunately there DO have to be some rules – we have tried to keep them pretty simple, so here goes…..
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  • You must be an active representative throughout the qualifying period. Active means placing on time, online orders to keep your AVON representative account open.
  • You must be in the direct team of Sacha Blacker or Tony Blacker. If you are not sure whether you are, please ask us!
  • Recommended people MUST join the same team as you are currently in. Recommending people who then join another AVON team will not be eligible for this incentive.
  • Offer NOT open to sales leaders or trainee sales leaders – there are separate incentives and opportunities for you available within our team FaceBook group.
  • Free products and cash payments will only be made after the recommended person has placed orders in two consecutive campaigns, worth at least £80 each
  • You MAY recommend your partner, family members, work colleagues and contacts from social media. The people you recommend must not have been an AVON representative within the last 6 months.
  • Maximum three product packs per person
  • To qualify for the £180 bonus incentive, you will automatically exclude yourself from the free products.
  • Recommended people must meet the criteria set down by AVON for working with the company.
  • Recommended people must have joined our team after December 27th 2013 and on or before January 23rd 2014
  • We reserve the right to decline recommendations

One thought on “New Incentive for Team Members, January 2014

  1. I live in a village ,i think there is already a avon rep,would I be able to do avon nearer to Ipswich,maybe the crofts?

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