The importance of continuing growth

prod_1144101Your AVON business will give you what you put in. It is very easy to do a couple of campaigns, find yourself 10 customers then stop delivering books to everybody else and just go back to your 10 customers. This saves you LOADS of time, but does come with a huge problem. You just limited your growth, and put a ceiling on how much you can earn. If a couple of your 10 customers are on holiday, or move house your income levels will drop, and it wont be long before you decide that “AVON isn’t worth it for me” because your order values are dropping fast and your earnings are dropping with them. This isn’t AVON failing, its you not sticking to the proven business model that has made millions of women money for the last 128 years.

You need to get your brochure in front of as many people as you can, as often as you can. If somebody asks you to stop delivering then stop, but if they haven’t asked you to stop then deliver them a brochure EVERY campaign. You will find that every single brochure gives you at least a couple of new customers – add these to the 10 you already found and guess what? Your earnings GO UP! Even if one or two of your customers are on holiday, move house, have a change in earnings – you have just protected yourself and ensured you carry on earning good money, whatever happens in each individual home.

If you show the book to your friends and family, chances are you are making new friends, contacts and FaceBook friends all the time. Are you asking them if they want to see a brochure? Are you asking your customers if they would like to take a brochure in to work – maybe offer them a free gift if they get orders worth £20….? Asking the question never hurts, but can result in extra money in your pocket.

Continuing growth for sales leaders

As an AVON Sales Leader, it is even MORE important that you grow your business EVERY SINGLE CAMPAIGN. Finding your 5 reps to start your sales leadership journey really is just the beginning. People join AVON and leave AVON all the time – if one of your reps leave, would you still have the 5 you need? Every campaign, aim to recruit and train at least 3 new representatives in your team – one per week. This way if one of your team leaves each campaign, you still grow your team by two people every single campaign – or by 36 representatives in a year. What difference would this make to your earnings? Well, if they put in orders of £200 per campaign, this could be an extra £288 per campaign (as a sales leader – as an advanced sales leader this would be £432 per campaign!) or £5,184 extra per year (£7,776 per year as an advanced sales leader). Finding just one new team member per week can make THAT much of a difference to your business – so make sure you are not missing out and keep growing your teams!

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