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Would you like to host an AVON get together? avon party

AVON get togethers are lots of fun you can earn discounts and free products depending on on the total sales at the party.  There are two different ways you can run an AVON get together.

  • I can do all the work, leaving you to sit back and relax with your friends!
  • Or you can hold your own get together either as a one off or as a rep yourself

The get together gives you and your guests the chance to see AVON products, sniff them, feel them, touch them – there are also some games we can try like icebreakers to ease the mood.

You can do a specific get together theme, for example: ‘fabulous feet, ‘handsome hands’, ‘Skin Care’, ‘Seasonal summer/winter’, ‘Girl’s Night in’, ‘Beach Babes’, ‘Coffee Morning’, Mums and Tots, ‘Teenage Party’, ‘Princess Party’ or ‘Make-Up’ – or go a bit of each!

If you are already a rep this is a great way of showing off the products you have in stock and letting your friends, family, neighbours and customers a chance to see and try them in person.

Hand out double the amount of invites for the people you would like to come to your get together.  People are very busy (especially women) some will say yes but something happens last minute and life gets in the way.  Ask your guests to bring a friend or family member with them, the more people that can come to your get together the more your sales can be increased.  You can choose how you hold your get together if you have stock for sale on the day then great but most people prefer to look at the AVON brochure order and pay cash on delivery not on the day.

avon party

Give out the invites in advance of your get together.  Give the guests plenty of time to pop the date in their diary and organise friends to come with them and child care for the children.

Top Tips on Writing out your Avon get together Invitations:

  1. Give your guests plenty of time to invite their friends too.
  2. Send the invitations in advance
  3. Get as many Emails as possible ( e-Invites are a great way to invite more people in one go)
  4. Put the get together Date, Place and Time on your social Media profiles (Face Book & Twitter etc….)
  5. Always make sure the full address with post code is on the invite (People need to be able to find you)
  6. Follow up is KEY to having guests attend your party, so call the guests at least a couple of times once the invitations are sent out.  And most definitely the day before the party!

If you are interested, then fill out my contact page and I will get back to you.

Or if you would like to become an Independent AVON Representative and running your own get together then please apply.



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