How much do brochures cost?

How much do avon brochures costThe only ongoing cost you HAVE to pay to become an AVON representative is your own brochures. Don’t forget your first two sets of brochures (as in your first 4-6 weeks worth) are completely free and supplied by us. After his period however, you WILL need to buy your own AVON brochures, but as with everything about selling AVON, you get to choose how many brochures you will need.

You can either order less brochures and re-use them – as in when you collect the AVON brochures from houses, you can then use the same brochures for your next houses, and use them over and over to cover every person who you would like to see one – or you can order a bigger quantity so you don’t have to reuse the books. This is entirely up to you.

Your AVON books will cost:

Number of booksCost per packTotal CostCost per book
5£3.15£3.15 £0.63
10£1.07£4.22 £0.42
15£0.64£4.86 £0.32
20£0.50£5.36 £0.27
30£0.50£6.36 £0.21

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