How To Hold An AVON Party


Decide whether you want to host one or ask a friend if she/he will have one for you. Send out invitations about 2 weeks before the party. Remind the guests (or remind the hostess to remind her/his guests) a week before and then the day before

If somebody says they can’t come – they don’t get off that easily – give them a brochure! If your friend is having the party and you decide to give her a money off incentive, include the sales from those who couldn’t make it, but still ordered.

If a friend hosts a party, make sure you have a gift to give her/him (it’s up to you what you give)

Items to take:

  • Table cloth (s) – You can use different colours to suit the party theme/mood – e.g. red &/or green for Christmas, Pink/red for valentines, Yellow/peach  for Easter etc. I find The Avon official ones are the best as a rep you can buy them in your First Look for just £15.
  • Boxes (to put under the table cloths to give your displays height and depth), or you can invest in perspex displays from eBay.
  • Brochures- plenty of them the current one and one behind just incase.
  • Order forms, again plenty you don’t want to run out on the night.
  • Pens/pencils
  • Any flyers you may want to put in (maybe about Sales Leadership/offers), becoming a rep.
  • Diary – to book more parties
  • Samples
  • Calculator
  • Change (in case people pay upfront)
  • Business cards/prospecting cards/My Avon Store cards
  • Raffle tickets
  • Any game equipment you may need

You can hold themed parties like these:-

A Skincare party:

  • Selection of Avon Skincare
    • Solutions
    • Anew
    • Nutraeffects
  • Cotton wool
  • Bowls
  • Tissues

A Foot spa party

  • Footworks range of products
  • Bowls
  • small towels (unless the hostess can provide these)
  • marbles so they can massage their feet.

Why not call your Footworks party – a Pretty Piggy Party. You could buy some M&S Percy Pig  sweets to dot around the room in bowls.

This little piggy wore some varnish,
This little piggy filed her nails,
This little piggy held a party,
This little piggy stayed at home,
And this little piggy – had absolutely gorgeous tootsies

A Yummy Mummy Party- This is a day party where mums can relax with some friends while their children are in school.

A Fabulous Fragrance Party – a party for fragrance fans, young and old! Your guests could pick up some hints for making their scent last longer!

A Fun Fundraiser – Why not support a local charity etc – hold a party in your house and tell your friends and customers about it – give a % of the profits to your chosen charity!

A Pretty Princess Party – a party for young ladies (say 9+ years) who want to experiment with make up – use the Colortrend range of make-up products. If it’s a birthday party why not charge a fee per head and at the end of the pamper party each girl would receive a goody bag which contains e.g. an eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish (you choose). You always stipulate a minimum of 6 guests, but ask the hostess how many are definites on the day!

Top Tips for a successful AVON party

Arrive 1/2 and hour (at least) before to set up. Start your party by thanking the hostess and giving her/him a gift. Before demonstrating play an ice breaker game.

  • Chocolate Game -Basically I’ve bought some packs of fun chocolate bars (try and get them from pound shops) and take out one of each type from the pack and added questions to them e.g.

    • The Roman god of war  = Mars
    • A place where cows go to drink? = Milky Bar
    • Or the after Eight game where you place an after eight on each persons head and they have to eat it as quickly as possible without dropping it or using their hands!
  • What do you have this in your bag?
    • Have a list of things women would/may have in their handbags and call out each item – the first person to show the item gets a point, if it’s Avon they get double points. At the end of the game, the guests with the most points wins a small prize!
  • Name a… Have a bag full of letters and draw one letter out at a time asking questions like:
    • Name a country beginning with [say whatever the letter is] – first person to shout an answer wins a point
    • Name an Avon product beginning with…
    • Name an animal/girl’s name/boy’s name/county/state in America/ capital city etc
    • Again the person with the most points wins a small prize.
  • Brochure Game – Each guest should have an up to date brochure.
    • Have a list of statements from the brochure e.g. this product has hints of Jasmin Sandlewood and musk…its Cherish first person to say so wins a point
    • On page ?? – give the code for the Hello Kitty  Earrings
    • This game will encourage the guests to look at products in the brochure and have fun!
  • Left/Right Game
    • Left Right  games are played by assembling guests into a circle. Have one to three prizes, depending on how many people play and hand them out randomly to participants.
    • You will read a story to your guests. Whenever they hear the word “left”, the person holding the gift will pass it to the left. Whenever they hear the word “right”, the person holding the gift will pass it to the right. The guest holding the gift at the end, wins!
    • As with the other games – the winner gets a small prize. For small prizes, if you have a limited budget, you could give out small bars of chocolate – I know you want to promote Avon, but, personally I think non Avon prizes are OK to give out OR buy some samples and give those out as prizes.

Talk about some of the products – let the guests handle them. look at them, try them on etc – 80% of those who try – BUY! Keep it light hearted and fun.

If you want to start running parties as part of your business, have products as gifts for potential hostesses/hosts.

Be prepared to answer any questions, try to get to know the products. Try to know the special offers in the current brochure.

Remember Confidence is key to having a successful AVON Party

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