Why Having a Girlsquad Pays Off


It’s the year of squadgoals (at last check, more than 770,000 posts on Instagram) and we’re feeling inspired by the girl gangs around the world who support each other’s success. You may have heard about celebrity squads, groups of Hollywood ladies who have each other’s backs on stage at performances and award shows, making cameos in music videos or just cooking together at home.

Now, women everywhere are flooding social media with fun photos of their own all-girl support systems. But beyond a pretty picture, squad goals are the things you’d like your gang to accomplish, whether it’s adventurous (mounting climbing!) career-oriented (promotions in six months for everyone!) or just fun.

More than a trending term, girl squads are very real groups of close friends — the women who you love, trust and are there for every milestone. Here is my Girlsquad we support and advise each other, as I like to say teamwork makes the dream work and in my opinion everyone needs a girlsquad!


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