FREE AVON Goodies!!

£70 of free AVON productsThinking of giving AVON a go? Have a mate who is thinking about it as well? Well, here’s an offer for you! Join AVON and recommend a mate (or both join at the same time) – then you get to buddy up and make money whilst spending time with your friend as well – plus as well as earning money and getting your own products up to 90% cheaper, you can also get a product pack worth £70 completely free too.

How does it work?

Simple, join AVON, recommend a friend. When they join as well, we fill in a really quick form (both your names, both your account numbers and your postcodes) online. When you have both placed 2 orders over £80 each, you get the product pack with your next delivery. The products are bestselling AVON goodies, so you can keep them for yourself, give them as gifts (or use them as incentives to get your customers placing bigger orders), or wait until a customer orders them – which they will – and sell them at full price so you get the £70 cash.

Want even more? There is NO LIMIT to how many people you can recommend! Every single one who joins can be added to your form, and every single one who completes their second order over £80 means another £70 product pack for you……

Really simple offer, open to any reps who have joined since campaign 8 and valid all the way until August. Interested? Fill in the form to your right, we’ll be in touch!

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