Fast Start Programme

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There has never been a better time to join Avon, there is a fabulous new bonus structure called the Fast Start Programme. So any new Sales Leaders can earn up to £11,750 in their first year with Avon (that’s 18 campaigns).
The Fast Start Programme has been out into place from Campaign 5 2016 to ensure and reward new Sales Leaders to reach higher levels of success within Avon therefore gaining the cash rewards on offer. This programme is available to any new Sales Leaders or anyone currently within their first 18 campaigns of being a Sales Leader.

So as long as you are growing your teams you will earn an increasing amount of cash each and every campaign. These bonuses are an addition to the normal commission you also earn as a Sales Leader that can be found here. Below is a table showing all the bonuses you can earn, Like anything in life the more you get out of it!

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