How much does it cost to join AVON?

How much does it cost to join AVON as a representative?

cost to join AVONEver wondered how much it costs to join AVON? A lot of people are put off joining because they believe that there is a joining fee. In fact, its a question and comment we hear so often we even put it into our AVON FAQ’s. So, lets get one thing straight from the outset – you should NEVER be asked to pay upfront to become an AVON rep. Everything you need for your first two campaigns is provided, free of charge, to every single new AVON representative. That’s all your AVON brochures, your order forms, calling book, calling cards and all of the literature you need to know about. Of course, you also get one on one training from an AVON sales leader and all the support and backup you would expect from a global brand with 125 years experience. And this is all FREE. That’s right – no charge.

There is really NO cost to join AVON?

[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”right” variation=”hotpink” cite=”Sarah” citeLink=”Kent”]In my first campaign I put in an order for over £400 – that took me just under 3 hours in total, which included 45 minutes of having a cuppa and a chat at my friends house while she and her mum chose what to buy. I earned nearly £100, even after the cost to join AVON had been taken off![/pullquote4] There is no upfront cost to join AVON. If you get all of the brochures, try it for a campaign and decide it’s not for you (we are sure you will love it, but just in case you decide that you don’t), then simply let us know. And that’s it, no cost to join AVON if you don’t ever place an order. However, if you do decide that you love being an AVON rep and place your first order to start earning money with AVON, your first and second invoices will both include a small administration fee – £10 on the first order and £6 on the second one. This covers the cost of setting up your account and doing the necessary administration to get everything in place for smooth, secure account management. So, in the interest of complete transparency, the total cost to join AVON is £15. BUT – this only kicks in once you have proven to yourself that you can earn money with AVON.

Is it worth the cost to join AVON?

[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”left” variation=”purple” cite=”Amy” citeLink=”Ipswich”]I joined AVON 3 campaigns ago. So far I have earned £104.17, which works out at roughly £9 per hour. Is it worth agreeing to a fee of £16 to get that? Hell yeah![/pullquote4] Well, let’s look at the pure figures. If you join AVON, we are assuming your first order is at least £87 – the level at which you start earning discount. At this point, your discount is 20%. So 20% of £87 is £17.20 – that’s your minimum earnings. From this, you will be asked to pay £10 as an administration fee. It is worth mentioning that the average first order is significantly higher than this, but for the sake of argument we will assume the lowest possible earnings. So even in the worst case scenario, the cost to join AVON is less than 50% of each of your first and second campaigns earnings. Don’t forget you also got all of the free materials (books, order forms etc), amazing personal training, complete support and the backing of a worldwide brand. You also have the chance to enter into a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity which is one of the most successful in the UK and offers unlimited earning potential. Taking all of this into account, and the fact that the administration fee is only a little more than a high street lipstick (AVON lipsticks are better value for money – but then we would say that wouldn’t we?! 😉 ), the cost to join AVON is pretty minimal.

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