Colour Correcting Pearls – Campaign 8 2015

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This product of the campaign for campaign 8 is these brand new colour correcting pearls – Avon’s first ever colour correcting pearls. They are on an amazing launch offer price at just £6 from the current (campaign 8 2015) brochure. In comparison, Guerlain Meteorites would set you back a whopping £37.50! So £6 is a fantastic price you should all be giving them a go. Please remember there is a 28 day money back guarantee so nothing to lose in trying. If you would like to order some and live local to Ipswich please do so by visiting if you are further afield please send us an email and we will find you a representative to help near your location.

With these new colour correcting pearls you get a complexion that will radiate perfection. There has a been a lot of debate on whether these should be used under or over foundation. To me the answer seems obvious these are not bronzing pearls (we also stock these) so are not a powder to use at the end. Although yes this is a powder it is to colour correct your skin, so should be used as a base after moisturising. You need them to do their job, and this cannot be done if there is a barrier in between (foundation). So please do use these as a base before applying foundation so that they can do their job giving you an all over even complexion before you continue with your normal make up routine.

How they work –

  • The Green pearls: The green reduces to neutralise any redness in your skin.
  • The Yellow pearls: The Yellow brightens to neutralise purple tones and any under eye darkness/circles.
  • The White pearls: The white highlights to illuminate the face.
  • The Purple pearls: The purple revitalises to counteract any yellowness in your skin.
  • The Peach pearls: The peach balances to even out any dark spots on your face.

These soft pearls with multi-benefit colour correction technology help perfect your complication. Simply use them with an all over face brush to evenly dust on the colour correcting radiance. Our all over face brush is currently on an half price offer at just £4 making perfect partners.

Once you have tried these colour correcting face pearls please do let us know what you thought of them!

Join AVON to sell these amazing face pearls with Team Sashy, and I promise to give you the best support, training and development I possibly can. I promise to be on hand when you need me and to do all I can do to make your AVON business a success, and I promise to offer you the best tools possible to develop your business further. Ready to jump in? Fill in the box to your right, I will be in touch very very soon!Sacha Blacker

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