Being an AVON Rep – 5 easy steps to profit with AVON

Being an AVON Rep

5 easy steps to profit, showing you how being an AVON rep is a fulfilling yet simple option.

Video: Being an AVON Rep – 5 easy steps to profit

Ever wanted to know whats involved with being an AVON rep? Our simple guide shows you the 5 steps to earning extra money with AVON.

The 5 steps of being an AVON rep

  1. Invite as many people as possible to look at your brochure – friends, family, work colleagues, homes in your territory and of course not forgetting your personal online brochure which you can share with all of your friends on FaceBook
  2. Collect your orders from all of the people above.
  3. Put these orders onto the AVON website
  4. Deliver your orders to your customers, and collect payment
  5. Pay your AVON bill, and keep the difference. PAYDAY!

Transcript – being an AVON rep

Being an AVON Rep is easy
There are 5 simple steps to being an AVON rep, this is all it takes.
Step 1 of being an AVON rep – you need to invite as many people as possible to see your brochures whether that is delivering to your territory showing your friends and taking your brochure to work with you, asking your family or sharing it on FaceBook via our interactive online brochure which lets your friends order online and their orders get added to your account automatically.
Step 2 of being an AVON rep is collecting your orders from your territory, from your friends and from work and family members and the FaceBook orders are added automatically.
Step 3 of being an AVON rep is ordering with AVON. We will show you how to order online – its easy, quick and safe!
Step 4 of being an AVON rep is delivering your orders to your customers; collect payment from customers. Always take cash payment no cheques or cards to ensure you get paid quickly with no outlay
Step 5 of being an AVON rep is the best bit! Paying yourself. You pay AVON with the money your customers have paid you Everything that is left over is YOURS, up to 25% of the sales
If you have any questions at all visit for help with being an AVON rep.

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