Become an AVON Rep

Become an AVON rep

Hi, my name is Sacha and I am an AVON Sales Leader, actively recruiting all over the UK from my home in Ipswich, Suffolk. I run my own AVON business, with a territory very local to me with loyal and friendly customers. I get to choose my own hours, get great exercise and get to meet my neighbours whilst also earning money.

This website is all about being an AVON representative, but also a place you can come to get more information about how you can also become an AVON representative with your own territory. It’s a great way to start your business and become a more independent person. Once you have joined AVON, feel free to continue to use this site as your one stop shop, with AVON training videos, support articles and loads more besides. But I’m guessing right now your first thoughts are on how you can become an AVON rep.

Being an AVON representative is a great way of earning some extra money either as a part time job or full time depending on how much time you have available. It’s great as a second job with flexible hours that can fit easily around children too. AVON is an amazing company to work with, and it is in over 100 countries with over 6.5 million representatives.

  • Unlimited earning potential and exciting incentives
  • No childcare required – take them with you!
  • No cash outlay
  • No experience necessary – full training and support given
  • Flexible hours to suit your lifestyle
  • Income every 3 weeks
  • Discount on all products
  • A special brochure just for you with up to 85% off demonstration and clearance products
  • Free order delivery (if over £15)
  • Create your own business as an Independent AVON Representative and be your own boss
  • Top sellers enjoy the benefits of the exclusive President’s Club
  • Simple, proven process for financial and personal success
  • Full money back no quibble guarantee on all products
  • Become an Independent AVON Sales Leader to earn extra commission
  • Representative website where you can manage your account online


Reasons to become an AVON rep

Whether you are a young mum wanting to earn some extra money with the children, or you are a student looking for some extra cash, a retired person looking to top up your income or part of a family that needs a boost in your income AVON is the company for you.

I will supply you with your first 2 campaigns worth of brochures. You can either just sell AVON to your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues, or you can also have a territory too to help build your income. Any sales of £87 or more will earn you a nice 20% discount, and anything over £160 will earn you an even nicer 25% discount. So if you had £200 of sales you would earn £50!

There is no cash outlay to become an AVON rep and join AVON, you will have £10 deducted from your first campaign, and £6 from your second campaign to cover admin fees and the set up of your website. After this the only investment you will need to make to your business is nominal, brochures, bags and samples (which you can win also).

There is a 28 day money back guarantee on all AVON products for both your customers and yourself, so you can sell your products with confidence knowing that AVON is a national and well known brand.

There is also a chance of becoming a sales leader running your own team and earning up to 9.5% from your team’s earnings and extra bonusses and incentives.

Minimum age is 18 and Internet access will be needed. I will always give you my full support and contact details.

Next steps to become an AVON rep

Please click on APPLY NOW to join Team Sashy and become part of a growing team of AVON representatives, or fill in the form to your right and we will call you back shortly, and we can help you become an AVON rep – today!

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