Award winning AVON Team – 2 years out of 2!

Award winning AVON Team – 2 years out of 2!

Once a year, AVON host a big conference for our Sales Leaders where we learn all of the new information, tools and offerings coming up, and also celebrate the success of people who are doing well in the UK business. In 2013, our very first year with AVON, Team Sashy won 3 awards where Sacha was invited on stage to be recognised for being the only person in the United Kingdom to have reached executive level within 12 months of starting as a sales leader. Obviously we were exceptionally proud to have achieved this in our first year and to be recognised for helping people within our team to make a real difference by earning extra money with AVON.

In 2014 we were once again recognised for excellence in our business, and this year both Sacha and Tony were invited on to the stage – 4 times between them – to receive rewards and recognition for once again being leaders in our field.

Why do we tell you this? Well, its very simple – you are on this site because you have thought about possibly working with AVON, and you are either not sure if it is right for you, or you are deciding which team to join – if neither of these things applied, you would have already filled in the application form 🙂

We tell you about our awards and recognition so that you know that when you join Team Sashy, as well as having the backing of one of the worlds biggest brands in AVON, as well as having the most loyal customers in the UK of ANY beauty brand, as well as being part of the worlds longest established direct selling organisation – as well as all of those things you will have the training, support and advice from people who are already part of the business and who take massive pride in making sure that the people in our team get the very best experience from working with AVON.

You can count on the fact you will get full, comprehensive face to face training. You can count on the fact that you will be allocated an exclusive area (if you would like one) which you can help choose, that NO other AVON representative will be working on. You can count on the fact that we will show you every possible way you can find customers, encourage customers to spend more with you and to make sure that you are earning the most you can. You can count on the fact that if you have the ambition, we have all of the tools available to make sure the sky is the limit. And you can count on the fact that if you decide to join us in Advanced Leadership with AVON, you will be shown exactly how to do exactly the same for YOUR team and your business.

So…what are you waiting for? Fill in the form and we will be in touch with you very soon to discuss how AVON can work for you and get your AVON adventure started today!

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