How to do AVON Returns

AVON Returns Procedure

From time to time, because of the AVON 28 day guarantee, you will need to send items and goods back to AVON – this can seem like a massive task, but it really is incredibly easy to do. Just follow our step by step guide to AVON returns!

There are two simple steps to the returns process

1. Claiming your credit

AVON returns onlineThe simplest way to claim the credit to your account for returned products is to do it online in your AVON website. When you register credits on your online account, these will be deducted from the amount you need to pay AVON on your current balance. Please note your balance WILL NOT show as reduced until your next order is processed, so it is vital you make a note of the amount of credit you are getting.
To process a return in your account, hover over “My Orders” and click “Credits”. You can then choose either to view the invoice for a selected campaign, or to simply search for the product you are returning. Either way you will be able to see which products are available to return as well as how many you can send back. Type in the number you are returning to AVON and choose from the dropdown which code is most relevant. There is a full list of the codes at the top of the screen to make sure you choose the correct one. When you are finished click “Save Credits”. Repeat until you have all the items you wish to return. When you are done you can either submit your returns, or if you prefer leave the credits open in case you have any further items, and next time you submit an order it will also submit your returns. Make a note of the value of your returns (YOUR cost).

2. The second step of the process

returns-labelis to actually return your items to AVON. It is vital that when doing this you are very careful to ensure two things happen – firstly that you use a barcode label, and secondly that you get a signature from your driver. These two steps are there to protect you – this is your proof that you have returned the items to AVON so if the items do not reach the AVON depot, you can still prove that you have sent them back.So, first step is to create your returns form. There are two choices here:
a) If you have access to a printer, once you have submitted your returns (see above), log in to your avon account, hover over “My Orders” and click “Order Tracking”. Once in here you should see your returns – click it, and once that screen loads you will see an icon to print. Your printer will then produce two copies of the returns form – one of which has a space for a driver signature.
b) You will need to write down the details of your returns into a returns book. If you don’t have a returns book, please speak to your sales leader who will be able to advise you further. Once you have completed the returns book, again you will see there are two copies, one of which has a space for driver signature.Write onto your returns slip (either printed or from the returns book) the actual quantity of items being returned. Keep the returns slip to one side for a second. No look for your returns barcodes. These will be on the very last sheet of your first invoice. Tear off one of these barcodes. You will notice the first 8 digits are your account number. The last 4 digits will need to be written onto either your printed or hand written returns slips. Now take the copy of the returns slip that does not have a space for driver signature, and put it with your products and put into a box for the driver to take and seal it securely. Ideally you want to use a box that your AVON is originally delivered in. Once the box is sealed, fix your returns barcode to the outside of the box.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 21.50.54The very last step is to wait until your next delivery, and when your driver arrives, give them your returns and make sure they sign YOUR copy of the returns form. Now make sure you keep that copy safe – you will need it if there is any dispute over your returns, as it is your proof that the driver has received the box.

If you will not be at home when your delivery is made, leave the clearly labelled parcel and your Returns Form at your nominated safe location. Put a note with the form asking the driver to sign it and post through your letterbox.

Alternative methods
If you cannot claim credit for returned products online the alternative is by phone, using the fast trak system on 0333 234 5000.

Handy hints for AVON returns

  • If you need to send back more than one parcel, each parcel needs a separate barcode label, and a separate Returns Form indicating the quantity of each product in each parcel.
  • If you resell a product after claiming credit, do not include the quantity on the Returns Form – the credit will be recharged automatically. (after 45 days your account will be charged again for the products, so be sure to either keep the money aside or “overpay” your account to cover this charge)
  • If products are not returned within 22 days of being credited, your account will be recharged for all outstanding items.
  • Your invoice includes a returns reminder section which lists all items credited and not yet received back at Avon.

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