Become an AVON Rep with Sophie

Become an AVON Rep with SophieSophie joined AVON early in 2013. During the day, Sophie runs her own horticultural business which she absolutely loves. However this is a very seasonal business and she was looking for a little something extra, and asked us to give AVON a try. Once she had decided to become an AVON rep, we showed her exactly how to get the best from her new AVON business and supported her in growing her sales. She loved it so much that before very long she had also persuaded her partner, sister, sisters partner and mum to each become an AVON rep themselves!

As you only need 5 people to earn money as a sales leader, it made sense for Sophie to put these people into her own team. Sophie now has a very successful AVON territory as a representative and has also qualified as a sales leader, so is earning twice from working with AVON. Sophie was quite worried about sales leadership to begin with but has found that it is actually very easy – her team is continuing to grow, with a lot of her friends also taking the plunge and joining Team Sophie!

Why should you become an AVON rep?

[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”left” variation=”purple”]It is nowhere near as hard or difficult as you might think! I spend a couple of hours ever 3 weeks delivering and collecting books to people on my own road[/pullquote4]Sophie loves the fact that when you become an AVON rep, you call the shots. The biggest benefit for her is that it is completely flexible and fits around everything else in her life. She had always thought that working with AVON would be much harder than she has found it, and that it would make huge demands on her time. She has found that it really is as flexible as we said, and that when she needs to work extra hours to finish a contract for her other business, or when there is a child’s birthday party to go to, her AVON business fits in as and when she wants. Juggling her own business and being a mother, Sophie has found that being an AVON representative has not been at all hard.

[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”right” variation=”hotpink”]I have really got to know my neighbours much more since starting with AVON[/pullquote4]When you join AVON, your sales leader is there to help guide you through and explain how everything works. It is really simple, and they even give you everything you need to get started for free. Sophie delivers brochures to her own road, then collects them a few days later. She has already found lots of loyal customers and got to know a lot more people on her own street than she already knew. Before becoming an AVON rep, Sophie really thought that it was a lot harder than it has been for her since she started. Her biggest surprise has been how easily it has fit into her very busy life.

[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”left” variation=”teal”]I can get my own make-up, smellies and presents much cheaper![/pullquote4]Of course, there are always the more direct perks of working with AVON, so as well as the extra money Sophie has earnt, she has taken full advantage of the heavily discounted products she can buy for herself – not to mention being able to showcase new handbags, perfumes and try out the very latest makeup a couple of months before her customers are able to buy them.

[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”right” variation=”deepblue”]It fits really well with my full time job running my own business, when I am busy at work I can scale back what I do with AVON, when I have more time I can spend more time taking to my AVON customers and boosting my sales.[/pullquote4]The biggest testimonial of how easy and successful AVON has been for Sophie is the fact that she is now recruiting people into her own team, showing them how to do what she does and supporting them to grow their own sales and earn extra money for themselves. Being able to actually relate to her team members by being a representative herself means that when you become an AVON rep with Sophie, you know that she is doing the same thing as you and can answer your questions honestly and from a position of her own experiences.

Become an AVON rep with Sophie

If you like the sound of working with AVON, fill in the form on the right of this page and Sophie will get in touch with you very soon to help you become an AVON rep and start your own business.

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