Being an AVON Rep as an Army Wife

Army Wife AVONClaire is a busy professional woman who is also married to a serving member of the British Army. Like most army wives, Claire is used to having to move around as her husbands’ work demands change, and recently found herself moving to Suffolk. She was keen to get to know her local area quickly, but also wanted to earn some extra money to save for a fantastic holiday with her husband. She contacted us and became an AVON rep. Claire had a choice of working in the area of military housing where she lives, or in a nearby village. She decided to work in the village as it was on her way to work, and she delivers and collects AVON brochures on her way to and from work a few days every three weeks.

She has found that being an AVON rep has really helped her get to know the area she lives in, and she has met lots of people in the village she serves and found that AVON has really helped her settle in and feel at home in Suffolk.

Being an AVON rep whilst working full time

[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”center” variation=”hotpink”]I joined Avon to earn some extra money and I haven’t looked back! It fits around my full time job and you get to meet lots of new people. But best of all Avon really sells itself! I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve just become a Trainee Sale Leader and looking forward to helping new reps to enjoy Avon as much as I do.[/pullquote4] As well as being married to a soldier, Claire also works full time in Ipswich. She has found that AVON has fit around her busy lifestyle very easily, and she really enjoys the mix of earning extra money, meeting new people and getting to know more about the area where she lives. The best testament to how much she enjoys her extra job is the fact that Claire has now decided to help other people earn extra money as reps in Claire’s team. Working full time, being the partner of a soldier or juggling a busy lifestyle are all things she has direct experience of and things she can help you manage together with your AVON business.

Join AVON with Claire

If you think that you can relate to Claire’s story, and would like to know more about being an AVON rep, please fill in the form on the right of this page. Claire will get in touch with you and have a quick chat about how AVON can work for you. Being an army wife and being an avon rep is a very good mix of roles, even if you also have a full time job. The extra money comes in handy too!

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