Why AVON is a waste of time

The full on rant AVON is a waste of timeThe internet is GREAT. It’s a solid, valuable resource, and a fantastic place to do your research. For example, if you are thinking of becoming an AVON rep, go and Google it. Visit forums, and get lots and lots of examples telling you that AVON is a waste of time like the ones screen shotted on this post. Honestly, you will find thousands of them.

AVON is a waste of time.

And to be honest, for some people it really is. Whether you are one of the “some people” you don’t know, but hopefully this post will help you figure it out – it may even save you some time, but hopefully it will make you stop and think, and help you to decide for yourself if AVON really is a waste of your time.

Lets start with the basics. Being an AVON representative is a commission only job, so if you are used to (or expecting) to put random amounts of time in and get paid for that time….it won’t work. Commission only is a harsh way to work, but the reason it continues today is that it is quite possibly the most honest way of working. If you are good at your job, you get paid more. Not so good, you earn less. And if you are rubbish at it, well then you won’t earn anything at all.

Then the next step – the books. You need to deliver your books to your area (if you take on an area – there is nothing to say you have to, many people simply show friends, family and work colleagues). Delivering books means you need to plan some time – realistically – and prepare your books. Getting 20 books ready for delivery should take you 5 to 10 minutes, then delivering those 20 books should take you between 5 minutes (if they are all terraced homes) and 20 minutes (if they all have HUGE driveways!). The important thing here is to make sure those homes KNOW when you are coming back to collect the books. If you don’t prepare and make sure you have made it clear, then guess what? It will take longer to collect books as nobody will know when to leave them out for you. How do you make it clear? Put a post-it note on the outside of the book saying “please leave outside on Monday for me to collect” (or whichever day you are going to collect). If this is your first time covering the area, leave people with the books for 2-3 days at most.

AVON is a waste of time for me, therefore it won't work for anybodySo far, we have spent less than half an hour. Now is the hard bit – going and collecting your books. If you have prepared and let people know when you will be coming back, you should find at least half of the books outside peoples doors waiting for you. The others, you will need to knock on the door and ask for the book back. Important note – THIS IS NOT SELLING! You are simply asking for your book back. If nobody answers, pop a note through the door asking them to leave it out the next day for you. Then make sure you DO go back the next day. Your area will need “training” to your way of doing things. Remember the first time you do this will be the hardest. Once customers know you and know you are reliable, they will be better at leaving books out for you. The other thing you will find the first time is some people will not want the books. They will tell you – make a note. These people are NOT customers, so by not going to those homes you will save yourself time in the future.

Fail to plan, and you will find AVON is a waste of time

AVON works for this ladyWhen you collect the books, check them for orders. If you have an order, why not knock on the door to thank the customer (or pop a note through), and tell them when you will be delivering their items. This does two things – firstly it lets them know you will be coming back, and secondly it is good old fashioned customer service.

Do NOT expect to get an order from every home. You won’t, and if that is what you expect, you will come up with the idea that AVON is a waste of time. Do NOT expect customers who do buy to buy every single time – they won’t. However, if you look after your customers, are reliable and consistent, then you will find that you get orders. And that over time you get more orders, and those orders are of higher value.

Once you have your books back, re-use them to give to the next set of homes. Planning is the key here. Schedule your time – many reps deliver and collect books on the school run.

Next thing to consider is the costs. Yes, there are costs. You are running your own business, so you should expect to have to invest in it. Most of that investment will be time, but some of it is financial. You will have a start-up fee (currently £10 on your first order and £6 on your second order). The way these costs are designed is that you will never actually have to dip into your own pocket for them. The commission you earn in your first order (provided it is over £85 which is the minimum order level to earn from and is an extremely achievable target for a representative on their first order) will cover the £10 and leave you with cash left over.

Your only other costs that you will need to consider are your brochures. We recommend ordering 20 brochures each campaign. The cost for this will be £5.67 every three weeks. Again, if your AVON business can’t cover t£50 earnings is a realistic average per campaignhis then you really are wasting your time. The average order for a representative is £200, meaning the earnings would be around £50. Many earn more than this, some earn less. You can decide for yourself the time and effort you put in, but if you put zero time and/or zero effort in then it is highly likely you will earn nothing.

If you wish to invest in bags, samples and goodies for your customers, then these are all extras that add to customer service and will likely lead to higher orders.

AVON is a waste of time if you are not willing to invest your time in it

The biggest thing that makes a difference to success or otherwise is YOU. So, the question should not be why AVON is a waste of time, but are you willing to invest your time into making a success of yourself? Yes, there are lots of people who have given it a go and decided it isn’t for them. However there are well over 100,000 representatives in the UK right now who would tell you that it works for them. Provided you are trained correctly (we take care of that), you are given the correct materials (you get everything you will need for your first two campaigns free of charge from us – even if you don’t go ahead, it costs you nothing to try!), the only other ingredient necessary is you and your attitude to what you are doing.

And remember the old adage – people who have a bad experience tell 10 people, whereas people who have a good experience tell one. For every post you will find saying AVON is a waste of time, you will find another post saying that it works for them. Decide for yourself – do you have a few hours a week spare, are you willing to be organised, can you deliver great customer service and can you be an ambassador for a global brand? If you answered yes to all of these, then chances are that you will make a fantastic AVON representative. Pop your details in the form on your right, and you can give it a go for free to see if we are right!

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