AVON Beauty Bus Coming to Lowestoft!

Want some extra money for Christmas? Perhaps you are looking for a part time job or full time income? Well, this little beauty is about to start touring the UK looking for YOU.
On Saturday August 30th, we will be in Lowestoft town centre. You wont be able to miss us, it will be the huge double decker bus in bright pink with signs all over it saying we are recruiting! Pop along, make sure to speak to either Sacha or Tony and you can have your very own AVON business up and running in a few minutes.
We are looking for three kinds of people:
  • People who would like to show brochures to their friends and family, earning up to 25% of their sales plus getting up to 85% off their own orders
  • People who would like to show brochures to their friends and families, plus also take on a territory of around 100-150 homes, delivering and collecting brochures and earning up to 25% plus receiving up to 85% off their own products
  • People who would like to do one of the above, but ALSO who would like to grow a full time business with AVON, finding and showing other people who would like to be representatives.
Avon Beauty Bus
The fantastic new look AVON Beauty Bus, coming to a town near you in 2014

If you would like to know a little more information, fill in the form to your right, send us your details and we can get in touch and talk you through how everything works and how AVON could be perfect for you. We will be in Lowestoft all day on Saturday so please do pop along and speak to Sacha or Tony (ask for us by name) so you can join Team Sashy and get your AVON adventure started!

Structured Data, Event

Name: AVON Beauty Bus Lowestoft
Date and Time: 08/30/2014 09:00
Location: Car Park by Job Centre
Street: Clapham Road South

Locality: Lowestoft
Region: Suffolk

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