Advanced Leadership – Career Options with AVON

Part Time Income or Full Time Business?

From July 2014, there is a brand new model for sales leadership hitting AVON in the UK. Up until now, AVON have been on the fringes of mlm (multi level marketing), and this year sees the launch of quite possibly the very best MLM offering now available in the UK. This is an extremely innovative and exciting update to the offering from one of the worlds leading companies, and means (perhaps for the first time) that right from day one, joining AVON in a leadership role is a realistic income opportunity. So, what does it involve?

What does AVON leadership involve?

As before, your main role will be to find, train and develop your own team of AVON representatives. We will show you exactly how to do this, where to find new recruits, and how to ensure that once you have found them they are given first class training and shown exactly how to generate and grow their sales to earn money with us. We will also work with you to ensure that YOUR leadership training is second to none, that you are fully aware of all the opportunities available and that you gain not only income, but recognition for your efforts.

Where things have really shaped up though is on the income side of things. What is on offer financially?

MLM income opportunity

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  • Step 1 – for every person you find to join your team, once they have completed 2 qualifying orders (2 consecutive campaigns at £85 or higher), you will get a £25 cash bonus. This is capped at 40 new team members, and covers your first 6 campaigns (a campaign is normally 3 weeks).
  • Step 2 – Once you have 5 team members (or more!) and your sales plus theirs added together come to at least £1000, you will then earn 4% commission on their net sales. (Net sales is their order at brochure price, less their commission, non-commissionable products and VAT)
  • Step 3 – Keep growing! If your team reaches 10 members or more, your sales plus your teams come to £2000 or more you earn 5% on their net sales.
  • Step 4 – Go for more! Find 15 team members and your team sales (including your own) reach £4000, you will now be getting 6% on net sales.

    If along the way, one of your team members wants to also build a team, as they grow you will be rewarded with £200 bonus.

  • Step 5 – from your 7th campaign until your 18th campaign, if your team sales continue to grow you can win a bonus every single campaign – up to a total of £4000!
  • Step 6 – the sky is the limit to this leadership opportunity. This is an unlimited opportunity. Whether you want a team of 5, a part time income with a medium sized team, or a serious mlm team of 50,000 YOU decide what you want to do and how to build YOUR business!

In total there are 12 levels of leadership with AVON – the above describes the first few steps (called Co-ordinator, Advanced Co-ordinator and Senior Co-ordinator). If you would like to know more about this opportunity and how you can get started, simply complete the form to the right of your screen and we will be in touch very soon!

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