Build Yourself An AVON Empire

AVON as a Business

You can run AVON as an extra or additional income, or you can choose to build up your business as a representative to the point where it brings in a more significant income. This WILL take time, and it will take perseverance. We, of course, will be with you every step of the way to coach, mentor, encourage and develop your business with you. There are many different techniques and approaches you can take to grow your customer base, to increase your average order and to streamline your activities. As and when you are ready to implement these, we will show them to you and explain exactly how they can work to benefit you. However, increasing your representative business is only one of the ways in which you can turn AVON into a “proper business”.

Chainstore Empire

You – as a representative – are in effect a retailer. You find, serve and look after your customers, and in doing so, you earn yourself some money. This is similar to how a small newsagents operates – covering a local area and serving customers they see on a regular basis. However, if you think of the shops you visit every day, the ones that make the most money are the ones you will find on every high street in the UK, and your AVON business can be exactly the same. Think of the people you know, think about how many of them could do what you do, and could do with some extra cash. Now imagine that you were able to show them how to become an AVON representative. We can show you how to show them! And what is even better, is because you will be the person to introduce these people to AVON, you can earn a lifetime commission on their sales – as well as what you already earn on your own sales. The amount you earn from their sales is less – between 4% and 9% – but if you can build yourself a team, this smaller percentage of a bigger amount can very quickly become a significant income.

The Sky Is The Limit

To earn on a team, you need to have a minimum of 5 team members, your own orders need to be at the higher order value each campaign, and between yourself and your team, you need to have sold £800 or more every 3 weeks. So long as you are at these levels, you will earn commission. On top of this, AVON are always running periodic incentives for team leaders, and we also run our own exclusive TeamSashy incentives too.

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