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AVON Advanced LeadershipBuilding your own business with AVON just got a lot more interesting! Starting in July 2014, AVON UK are launching one of the best multi level marketing opportunities currently available in the UK, and the great news is that this is open to absolutely ANYBODY over 18, regardless of background, gender or qualifications. If you have the drive to succeed, love setting your own goals and like to see your work rewarded at every step, this is the opportunity you have been looking for!

All AVON Sales Leaders are also representatives, so first steps – you need to apply to become an AVON rep first. The reason for this is very simple – multi level marketing works on an incredibly basic principle – you are simply showing people how to do what YOU do. As a successful AVON representative, you will be able to share your knowledge and expertise with the people in your team and help these people to become equally as successful in their AVON business.

The main thing a leader is looking to do is to find team members, and to help them to earn money with AVON. Sound too simple? It really does boil down to just this! We will show you how to find people, how to train and develop them and how to ensure your earnings are at the highest level from your very first day. However, be warned – this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If you believe you can walk into this role and be a millionaire next year then perhaps AVON is not the opportunity for you. High earnings take hard work, persistence and a refusal to give up. If you have these qualities, you WILL succeed, but always bear in mind that it takes time to build a business.

Full support and training will be given to show you how to obtain your own team, you can recruit from anywhere in the UK there are no stipulations to areas so you have the maximum amount of potential for growth. You will need to become self employed to be an Independent sales leader.

  • You can earn between 4% and 9% commission on your team’s sales
  • Fast start bonuses up to £5000
  • Introduce other Sales Leaders into your team and earn commission on their teams too (up to 3 generations deep, plus special over-ride bonus up to 10 generations deep for larger teams)
  • UNLIMITED development bonus for showing your team members how to become leaders themselves
  • If you already work, full or part time you can still build an Avon team and Business around other commitments
  • Regular Incentives
  • We will train you how to generate your own leads, via social networking and face to face
  • Dedicated Sales Leadership website to help your business
  • Run your own business
  • Full support and training – no experience needed

Sales leadership is a challenging but rewarding career, if you build your team up you build your commission too, the more you put into it the more you get out of it. With the amazing chance of growing at your own rate.

Sales Leadership – the nitty gritty

To be a sales leader and earn from your team you will need to meet these requirements:-

  1. Recruit 5 representatives placing minimum orders of over £85
  2. Have group sales (these include your own) of over £1000
  3. Make a one-off payment of £25 (to cover admin frees etc) then you will receive your Sales Leader business pack

You can earn from your team every three weeks if you meet the above requirements. As well as increasing your income as a sales leader, the top Sales Leaders have the chance get a dream cars, such as Mercedes Benz and BMW’s, to drive for a year, and also enjoy VIP treatment at gala dinners and other exclusive events. Top recruiters can also earn trips abroad to destinations such as Barcelona, Majorca, Prague, Monte Carlo, Berlin etc.

In total there are 12 levels of Leadership and at each level your commission levels will increase. At each level, to earn commissions you need to place your own on-time order at the required level.

Levels of AVON Sales Leadership

Please click this link to see the full breakdown of the first 12 levels of leadership with AVON – AVON Advanced Leadership Levels, and to learn even more about the leadership opportunity click this link: AVON Earnings Opportunity

As you can see there is room for growth within Sales Leadership and the sky is the limit. You will of course receive full training and support along the way. Please contact us for more information about AVON sales leadership.

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