How A-F33 Can help you sell AVON

A-F33 can help yu sell AVON

A-F33 hype can help you sell AVON

A-F33 can help you sell AVONYou cannot have escaped the media frenzy of the last month surrounding A-F33, AVON’s new cream. Containing a patented material called Amino-Fill 33 (hence the name), every single magazine, TV show and newspaper seems to be full of amazing stories about just HOW good this product is, and judging from the response of our own customers, it is completely justified. However, how does this help YOU to sell AVON? How can you, as a foot soldier of AVON, capitalise on the buzz around this amazing product and boost your sales?
[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”right” variation=”purple” cite=”Grazia”]A-F33 is one of ‘THE products you need to buy this weekend’.
[/pullquote4] From Grazia to the London Evening Standard, from The Daily Mail to, it seems the whole world wants a piece of the action – and the very best bit is every single one of these publications can be seen by YOUR customers. When you are putting your books out and trying to sell AVON products, brand awareness like this can only ever be a good thing. But when even “Kazakhstan Today” is carrying this kind of press about a product only YOU can offer, it’s definitely time to make hay while the sun is shining!

Ways to use the media buzz around A-F33 to help you sell AVON

[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”left” variation=”silver” cite=”So Feminine!” citelink=””]Anna Friel is another celeb devotee. She said: “As soon as I put on the Avon A-F33 serum, I noticed an immediate difference to my skin which appeared smoother with a fabulous glow to it.”
[/pullquote4]It’s all very well and good that your customers know about the product, and that you sell AVON products so are the only supply source they have, but sometimes something as simple as connecting those two dots can be the difference between a purchase and nothing.

What is needed is a clear way to ensure that your customers realise that this “wonder cream” they keep reading about is the very same inexpensive product seen in your brochure. Here are a couple of quick tips that are cheap, easy – and more importantly, effective!

[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”right” variation=”deepblue” cite=”London Evening Standard” citelink=””]Hailed by dermatologists as containing a “miracle molecule”, A-F33 is considered to be the biggest breakthrough in skincare in two decades
  • Photocopy an article from the papers, and pop it into your brochures so customers can see the product is the one you are offering
  • If you have a FaceBook page for your customers, link to the articles online
  • Buy the samples of A-F33 – or better yet order a bottle to demonstrate – and talk to your customers about it. Making sure to mention the press coverage, of course 😉
  • Use the flyers coming out with your campaign 18 books to highlight what the press are saying
  • Link to the great reviews and write ups, and with each link mention that you are able to offer the product

Other ways of using A-F33 to help you sell AVON

As well as the methods above that can help highlight the media buzz, once one of your customers has decided to order A-F33, the next challenge is to then ask them to order something else. The AVON brochure has hundreds of products and bucketloads of offers, so this is the perfect time to draw attention towards other products. The simple step is to sell AVON skincare products, as these are complementary to the A-F33 itself.[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”left” variation=”steelblue” cite=”LOOK”](A-F33)…is the most exciting anti-aging news for yonks

  • Mention to customers that A-F33 works best when used with a quality moisturiser. The ANEW range is a perfect match for the A-F33 creams (and the offer in brochure 16 gives them an ANEW tester pot in both night and day variations to help you with this)
  • Ask the customer if they would also like the A-F33 Pro Line Corrector Eye Treatment – its the easiest upsell in the world!
  • Offer to give the customer a skincare assessment – print off the Skincare questionnaire from the AVON website, ask them to complete it. When you type in their answers, you will be able to print out a fully personalised list of which products are best suited to them. This is guaranteed to both increase your sales and your customer loyalty!
[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”right” variation=”deepblue” cite=”The Daily Mail”]Will this £30 wrinkle cream wipe out the need for surgery?
[/pullquote4]If you hear that a local newspaper, radio station or website is likely to be writing about A-F33 – or any other AVON product, contact them and ask them to include a quote from you about how it has helped you to sell AVON, or how your customers have found using the cream. Use the good news stories to help promote your AVON business.

(This article inspired by an article at AVON Connects)

If you are a sales leader – or thinking of becoming one, then A-F33 is one of the best ways to recruit a new representative. When people see that AVON have such world beating products (exclusively for at least 2 years by the way), then they can see that it is exceptionally easy to sell AVON products and become an AVON rep themselves.

[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”left” variation=”silver” cite=”Marie Claire” citelink=””]Yasmin Le Bon is fronting a new campaign for Avon.
[/pullquote4]And A-F33 isn’t the only reason AVON are in the news. Just this month, Jasmin Le Bon has announced that she is helping AVON raise breast cancer awareness, and this is definitely NOT the first celebrity tie in – not even this year. Sharing this kind of news with your customers not only helps you to sell AVON, it also helps your customers to relate to the products and see that the celebrities use the same great value products that they do.

[pullquote4 quotes=”true” align=”right” variation=”deepblue” cite=”OK!”]It’s time for a revolution in wrinkle fighting from AVON
[/pullquote4]So, whilst it is very nice to see this innovative, cutting edge product on the tip of the lips of all the press, and it’s fantastic to be supported by a company that is paying to advertise their products on national TV, it is equally important that YOU as the representative take full advantage of the coverage, and use the buzz to help you boost your income by being a very easy stepping stone to helping you sell AVON products.

6 thoughts on “How A-F33 Can help you sell AVON

  1. The blue flyers for A-F33 have definitely helped my sales – you didn’t mention them on here so thought I would share with other reps in your team.

  2. I’m thinking of becoming an avon rep, but I notice most of the sites like yours refer to demonstrating avon stuff to customers. How would I go about showing this – not too sure my wrinkly leathery face would be a good ad for a-f33 lol.

    1. Hi David thanks for popping by and leaving your question. You can, of course demonstrate the product by using it yourself and showing the effects (my husband has been using A-F33 for two weeks and virtually all of his “laugh lines” around his eyes have gone – it really is amazing stuff!). However, it may be easier for you to demonstrate by either getting a whole tube or getting the small sample packs and allowing customers to put it on themselves. Demonstrating AVON products really does go a long way to boosting your sales as it allows customers to gauge the quality and effectiveness of them before they order. It really comes down to what you are comfortable with – I know some of our AVON reps put samples in the brochure bags and say that this is effective too. Hope that helps, feel free to ask me any question you may have at any time – and I look forward to you joining Team Sashy soon 😉

  3. I dont understand how this helps. Lots of people sell anti wrinkle products, why does this one help me to sell avon to people?

    1. Hi LaQuita – A-F33 is a really different product, and like many times before AVON are way ahead of the industry. This product is exclusive to AVON representatives for at least 2 years, and customers LOVE this stuff – and so do the press. What this means is that if you are an AVON representative, your customers will be beating a path to your door to buy it from YOU. And, naturally, very few customers only order one item, so chances are they will also be ordering other products from you as well. A-F33 sells for £30 a tube, so potentially thats £7.50 in your pocket for EVERY tube you sell!

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