10 Steps to AVON Success

Steps to Sucess with AVONAVON is a simple system for selling, but sometimes we all need a little hand to help keep us on track or get the spark back into our business – or perhaps you are just starting out with AVON. Whichever it is, below are some common sense ways to get your business headed in the right direction.  These are all very simple strategies, but don’t discard them because of their simplicity, but instead ensure that these 10 steps are CORE to what you do every campaign for every customer, and you will see your orders consistently grow.  Remember, what is easy to do is also easy not to do!

Here we go:

Start with a reasonable goal
You may have done your research online, or heard success stories from other AVON representatives. But remember, NO sustainable business is ever built overnight. Long term successful business is all about growing in baby steps. So DON’T expect to be selling £2,000 per campaign straight away – by all means aim for that long term, but why not start with aiming for £200? This is a realistic and achievable target to begin with. Always make sure your goals are a challenge, not an obstacle! Once you start achieving your goals you will build momentum to reach higher goals.
Manage Your Time
Decide for yourself how much time you are willing and/or able to put into your AVON business, then write in a diary WHEN this time is going to happen. Plan your weeks and campaigns out, and stick to what you have decided. You must treat your Avon business like the viable business that it is. If you “play” at being an AVON representative, then you will earn play money – where if you run it as a viable business you will find you get paid a professional rate. If it is 5 hours a week that you can devote to your business – then stick to that. By remaining consistent in your business you build momentum and that is what grows businesses. Customers also love to know when and where you are going to be, and this gives them faith in YOU as their AVON rep (also see below – be reliable!)
Make A Plan!
This goes hand in hand with managing your time – what exactly is your plan? How much do you want to make and for when? If you are saving for a £900 wedding dress in 6 months time, how much will you need to earn each campaign, and to earn that how much will you need to sell? If you try new things, make a note of them and record what effect they had. Spend at least half an hour a week re-visiting your plan, seeing where you have got so far and what else you need to do or to change.
Think Business!
This is YOUR business – too many representatives start with AVON and want to have behave like a member of staff. You are no longer a member of staff, you are now the boss. This gives you more freedom, but it also gives you more responsibility – this is your baby and you can do it! Spend time promoting your business, make sure EVERYBODY you know is aware that AVON is what you do, so if they want any perfumes, toiletries, makeup, lingerie, handbags or accessories, YOU are the person they come to. Offer loyalty incentives, think which businesses you like to use, and what they do that makes you want to keep using them, then where you can apply this to your business.
Stay Positive and Motivated
EVERYBODY has bad days – and you WILL have some. I promise you. However, remember WHY you started your AVON business, and what it is you want to achieve. Every single time you get knocked back, use it as a chance to see what you could have done better to make sure that it improves your business for the future. Use your sales leader as a sounding board – remember the chances are they have gone through the exact same thing – they are there to help you and to ensure your business goes from strength to strength. And most importantly, DON’T gripe on social networks – if you are trying to say to all of your friends and family that AVON is great and they should buy AVON from you, posting on your public wall that a customer wasn’t in when you went to collect payment one evening is NOT going to make them want to order with you is it?
Bite Sized Chunks!
This is your new business, and you want it to succeed, but don’t push yourself and expect to be the next Richard Branson overnight. All that will happen if you aim too high too soon is you will fail, and then become upset that you have not got where you want to be. You already have pressures on yourself with kids, families, other jobs, friends and home maker – think what you CAN do, then set yourself a target that is pushing yourself, but not to the point of breaking. If you normally sell £300 each campaign, why not see if this campaign you can aim for £350? If you normally sell mostly make up, why not take a bottle of perfume round to demonstrate to your customers and see if you can’t increase the spend per customer? Or set yourself the goal of finding ONE new customer each week. Keep asking yourself to go one better, but don’t push yourself so hard that you snap 🙂
Don't be Scared to Try...
There are always ideas, tips and methods that will be shared by your sales leader, by other reps and by AVON for you to try – all of these are things that will help you grow your business. Never be afraid to try something a little different – make a note to yourself what you have done, and what the effect was. What works for somebody else wont always work for you, but sometimes you find a gem of a technique that you never expected to work. Always ask people you know if they would like to see a book – the worst they can say is “no”! Always try to have at least two products on you that you can show people – perhaps an item of AVON clothing you are wearing, or make-up that you are using, or a bottle of perfume for people to spray. Think of different offers/incentives or competitions you can do that will help you find new customers or increase the amount your existing customers spend….always look for new ways to make your customers LOVE you being their representative!
Shout About Your Success!
When things are going well, shout about it! Let people know on FaceBook that you DID pay for your wedding dress through your AVON earnings, that you HAVE paid off your credit card bill, that you ACHIEVED presidents club, that you WON your smart start superstar bag – whatever it is, let your friends and family know what your business has done for you – and don’t forget to thank the people that helped you do it (your customers!) – make sure to thank them too. This sounds like a really silly and pointless thing to do, but by sharing what has gone right, your customers will feel they have achieved too, and it also shows that you take pride in doing what you do. And so you should!
Technology Baby!!
Don’t be scared to use technology! You use FaceBook every day to speak to your friends, why not use it to advertise your AVON business? Share your POB, invite your friends to download the phone brochure app, email a thank you to your customers when they order – if your customers are happy texting you, text them back! Why not drop every customer a text or email the day before you deliver to remind them when you will be coming and how much their order comes to. They will love the customer service here, and you will also find it saves you time as they will have the money ready for you when you arrive. If you aren’t confident using your computer, ask your sales leader to show you how!
This is the simplest step, but the hardest one to stick to. If you have told customers you will collect their brochure on Tuesday, MAKE SURE YOU DO! If you are unreliable in any aspect of your business, customers will not be comfortable ordering with you. Be reliable, be consistent and your sales will grow, and grow, and grow. People love AVON, you just need to make sure that when they are buying, they are buying from YOU.

These simple ten steps will set your business off on the right foot, and if you stick to these ten points, you will very quickly become one of the top sellers with AVON and find your orders, earnings and job satisfaction all rise!

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