Managing Avon product supply

How to … manage Avon product supply

Whilst we are constantly working to ensure the best possible Avon product supply, from time to time we may experience some issues with Avon product supply. We appreciate how frustrating this can be for you and your customers and have put together this guide to help you manage any difficulties:

Using the Stock Availability Indicator for Avon product supply

Please remember that when you place your order online you can see the expected stock availability when you view your order. This is available up to three days before your regular order submit day, or whenever you place an additional order, we have Avon product supply deliveries each day so it may not be in stock at the point of ordering but we may have had a delivery before your order is due to be delivered to you:

It shows the projected stock situation when your order is scheduled for processing. These indicators are updated twice daily. The most accurate supply information is shown the afternoon of your scheduled submit day for a regular order, or as you submit an additional order.

Avon Product Supply– no problems anticipated
Avon Product Supply– supply at risk, may be supplied late or an alternative provided
Avon Product Supply– no stock available, no further deliveries expected


You can use this indicator to share any potential problems with your customers, giving them the option to choose an alternative product.

How will I know about Avon product supply issues?

Before you place an order

  • First of all by using the Stock Availability Indicator when placing your order. If this does indicate a problem with supply you may find more information about the expected supply situation by checking the Avon Product supply news – you can access this from the home page of your website.
  • On your invoice there may be messages about Avon product supply in the sections headed Customer Information and Representative Information.
  • Check the My Messages section on the website regularly as there may be messages relating to Avon product supply there too.
Once you receive your order
  • Your invoice will include information about any product supply issues affecting your order. Products that are out of stock will appear in a section headed Items unavailable. If we are temporarily out of stock you will see a message that states either:
  • Sorry, temporarily out of stock – there is no need to re-order. Expected delivery with next campaign’s order.
  • Sorry, temporarily out of stock – there is no need to re-order. Estimated delivery may be too late for next campaign”s order
  • If stock has run out completely you will see:
  • Sorry this product had sold out. No further deliveries currently expected. Check Stock Availability Indicator before placing any further orders
  • On occasions, we may provide an alternative product – this will be shown in a separate section of the invoice where we will detail the item ordered and the alternative supplied.
  • For up to date information about when we will be able to supply a product that you are waiting for, keep an eye on the Product supply news article from the home page of your website. It is reviewed regularly and provides you with up to date information.

Reasons for Avon product supply issues

  • There are many reasons why we may have issues supplying a product on time. The main one is because there is higher demand for the product than we estimated, based on all our previous experience of sales of this product and similar ones. If the product is coming from an overseas manufacturer it can be many weeks before we can restock.
  • On occasions we may experience difficulties with transportation due to weather or local issues.
  • If the product does not comply with our strict quality control guidelines, we would rather delay supply until we can achieve acceptable quality, than supply you and your customers with sub-standard products.
  • Occasionally there may be instances where a supplier lets us down by not meeting the schedule we have agreed with them.
  • From time to time we may experience unexpected problems with production.

What do I do if there is a Avon product supply issue?

    • If you see the customer face to face you may want to apologise to her – you can explain that Avon has been unable to supply on this occasion. Using the information from your invoice or the Product supply news you will be able to tell the customer when Avon does expect to be able to supply. If the customer is happy to wait, thank her for her understanding. You may want to offer her a free sample or small discount to encourage future business.
    • If you are not seeing her face to face use the Product Supply Customer Notification Slips which are available on the download section. Tick the appropriate box to keep your customer informed and add your own personal message.
    • If the product is not going to be supplied for more than one campaign and your customer does not want to wait, why not suggest they order an alternative. This will also help you get to know their ordering patterns and you can talk to them about their requirements.
    • If an alternative product is provided, offer this to your customer. If they do not wish to take it, remember that Avon’s usual returns policy applies.
    • We supply alternative products so that you are less likely to miss out on sales. If your customer accepts the substitute you will still get your discount. If they don’t want it you can sell it on to another customer and still get your discount. Substitution products are normally newer as they are selected from our current range and will always be of equal or greater value. This means that if your customer likes their substituted product, they may continue to buy into the range, boosting your sales, this way the Avon product supply issue is solved.


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