How to fill in your AVON order forms

Filling in Your AVON order forms

When you start as an AVON rep, one of the first things you will need to do is to complete your AVON order forms with your personal details and a friendly message for your new customers. This simple, quick video walks you through what you need to include – as well as explaining why you need to include them.

Video: How to fill in your AVON order forms

A video tutorial showing you how to complete your AVON order forms and get the right information to your customers.

Simple tutorial showing you how to complete your AVON order forms

  1. Find which campaign / brochure you are on.
  2. Enter your personal details.
  3. Add a promotional / introductory message.
  4. Tell your customers when you will pick the books up again.
  5. Let customers know when their order will be delivered.

Transcript – using your AVON order forms

This is a video tutorial to explain how to use the AVON order forms. They come in packs of 100 (2 lots of 50) which are completely free – we supply your first ones free then you can order more online for free as well. You have AVON order forms to put into your brochures this is a campaign 16 book here with the brand new A-F33 cream which is on offer, so in this case you would put your order form into your brochure on the offer page detailing the free gift.
This would be a good place. At the top of your brochure it says which campaign we are on – 16 – so you write at the top of your AVON order forms “16” in the top right corner. Then you would write under “Your representative” your own details – your name (you will find this is quicker as you do it more often). Or you can get stamps from VistaPrint or stickers from eBay or you can print them at home like I have on this previous form – much quicker! 🙂
So you write your contact details below your name. As you can see, we write our full address website and phone number. You can just put your address you don’t have to put your phone number, but it helps if customers have queries with their orders.
AVON order forms
After these details are in, you can add a brief message. In our example from the previous campaign we highlighted the City Rush offer. On your first campaign you may want to write “Hi – I’m new!” or perhaps
have a box to opt out of getting a book. We advise an opt out rather than opt-in as not everybody remembers to tick the box. If somebody is already a rep or knows a rep they may not want to see your book.
On the left side the customer writes in their details this is good so if there are any issues with their order you can text them or call them. At the bottom of the form there is a section for the delivery date. Our next delivery is due 10th October, I always allow an extra day to sort the orders out so I would write 11th October. When you get your first delivery you wont always know what time it will get to you. The first delivery time is normally the same as future ones, but it might come late int he afternoon and you don’t want to be rushing around. Where it says “leave the brochure outside” I would always highlight or underline this area. When you are going to pick up your brochures, if you have highlighted this then most brochures will be left outside ready for you. You will need to knock on houses to get your books back. If they aren’t in, you can leave a pink calling card (you can order these online as well) to let them know you called and asking them to leave the book outside. I always leave my phone number on these as well so if someone is not in they can let you know the best time to come back. The other main part is when you are going to pick the book back up. You will find your own preferred way of doing this, to fit in with your life, work, children etc. I personally do it so if I leave the brochure on a Friday, I ask to pick it up on the Monday so then I would circle the Monday, and circle morning or afternoon (or highlight) The reason for this is any more than this, the books might get damaged or lost or thrown away. Two to three days is a good amount of time When I go to pick the brochures up, I would have some more AVON order forms prepared showing a Wednesday collection. Swap the order forms over and then you can re-use these books quickly. Do the same again for Friday giving people plenty of time, but also allowing me to use my books as many times as possible to get the best use out of them.
Thats how to use your AVON order forms.

15 thoughts on “How to fill in your AVON order forms

  1. Thanks for this – my sales leader showed me but I was so confused I got all in a muddle. Sounds really stupid for something that looks so simple, but being able to look at your video made it much easier. And I could hide my embarassment at home. Then I commented here and made it public lol.

    1. Glad it helped Chloe – never feel embarassed to ask questions of your sales leader, its what we are here for!! That said, if the video is an easy way for you to recap, then brill 🙂 The idea is we try to give you as many different ways as possible that we can help you, then you can pick and choose the ways that suit you best 😉

  2. I love the printed order forms you have in your video – do you have a template for that I can download? Would really help cos my writing is dead scruffy lmao

    1. Hi Rob – thanks for popping by. Couple of things to remember here: first off, your order forms are free, so you should always have plenty handy if you need them. Secondly, if you mark the collection date on the order form then you can either re-use the forms to pick up on the same day the following week, or you can cross through and circle another day. I think crossing through looks a bit messy, but it can save time and is handy if you are out on your collections and just need to pop another couple of books out quickly without going back home first.

  3. Do you people have a facebook fan page? I searched for one on facebook or twitter but could not discover one, I’d really like to become a fan!

    1. Hi Caroline – yes if you go to you will see my personal online brochure and you can order there. I’m guessing you don’t have an AVON representative at the moment – have you ever thought about doing it yourself? Chances are if you are looking for somewhere to order AVON, so are lots of your friends! Let me know if I can be any help, I promise it’s not as scary as it may seem 🙂

  4. do i have to deliver to houses where i dont no people? where i work lots of peeple want to buy avon but i dont have time to go round streets and stuff.

    1. Hi Danika – no, you can be an AVON representative by simply showing the brochure to friends, family and work colleagues. This is called being a “network representative”, and some of the best performing reps in AVON sell this way 🙂

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